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About Us

Stacked stonesSpine and Whiplash Center has been proudly serving Longview and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Since our beginning in 1988, our mission has been acknowledging pain, meeting our patients where they are, and inspiring lifelong health.

Our History

Originally opened by Dr. Lewis as Community Chiropractic Clinic, our chiropractic office was renamed to better support victims of crash-related injuries. While we offer our services to people of all ages, activity levels, and experiences, we strongly believe in proper rehabilitation for those who have suffered auto accident injuries. The sooner pain is addressed, the less likely long-term problems are to arise. Our highly trained doctors can be trusted to help you increase your chances of living life as you knew it prior to your injury.

Real-World Problems, Life-Altering Change

Our practice is committed to taking real-world spinal problems, including ligament instability and muscle dysfunction, and creating life-altering change. A biomechanically unstable spine leads to pain and, worse—degeneration. It is our mission to hear your story, assess your pain, and give you the tools to take your health into your own hands.

We are here to provide knowledge and in-office adjustments, but we encourage our clients to take it upon themselves to make necessary lifestyle alterations to assist in the healing process. Utmost success is derived from action. Our team is here to get you started and see you through, but the great effects are achieved when you are directly involved in your care.

Incredible Results

Throughout the years, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Coulombe have seen many patients with a variety of health concerns and helped them obtain undeniable improvements.

A patient was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver going 120 miles per hour on the freeway and was able to return to work full time just a few months later.

A man was involved in a rollover car accident regaining use of his right arm and experiencing a dissolved herniated disc. Both patients have seen the benefits of chiropractic care firsthand.

For as long as Spine and Whiplash Center has been around, our patients have been treated as family. Do not go another day facing discomfort. Discover the Spine and Whiplash Center difference today.

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